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Meet Team Bonner

I Service: (903) 462-4219 | Contact Us!

Meet our Team Bonner Sales Staff, we have more then 193 years of combined sales experience to serve you today.

29 Years in the Business

40 Years in the Business

39 Years in the Business

13 Years in the Business

16 Years in the Business

16 Years in the Business

1 Year in the Business


Danny Baxley - New / Pre-owned Sales

Danny Baxley

Ricky Lewis - Pre-owned Sales Manager

Ricky Lewis

Tommy Sikes - New / Pre-owned Sales

Tommy Sikes

Tonja Craft - New / Pre-owned Sales

Tonja Craft

Fred Mask - New / Pre-owned Sales

Fred Mask

Shawn Powell - New / Pre-owned Sales

Shawn Powell

Mykel Brown - New / Pre-owned Sales

Mykel Brown

This is our "TEAM", how can we serve yours?


Team Bonner Chevrolet Cadillac | Denison, TX | Sherman, TX | Bonham, TX | Whitesboro, TX